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On: Introduction to Tarot

"I attempted to learn tarot on my own several years ago, and found the material marked toward beginners was confusing. It was very discouraging, which caused me to set my cards aside until I found this class. This class has renewed my interest in tarot."
- Jill Buck, MA (2023)

"I had always been curious about tarot, but I was intimidated by the complexity of the cards and the various interpretations. This course was the perfect introduction for me. Melynda was patient and knowledgeable, and the course material was well-organized and easy to follow. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in tarot!
- Ron Issler, MA (2023)

"[This class] gave me the insight on how it's done and also to be more intuitive."
- Ellen Reed, MA (2022)


On: Tarot Readings

"I've had multiple readings done by Melynda and I've never been disappointed... My husband is a skeptic of these sort of things but he got a reading and he was impressed. We highly recommend her."
- Noelle Clark, MA (2021)

"Everything she says makes so much sense, spot on with everything! If you haven't already, you need to go see her!!!"
- Sara Felix, MA (2020)

"This was one of the most amazing and healing things I've ever done... will definitely use her services again."

- Nicole O'Connell, MA (2020)

"I had my first video reading with Melynda last evening. She was so spot on it was scary... She took her time to explain and really tell the story that I needed to hear. Honest and true, the most accurate, powerful readings i have had. I HIGHLY recommend Melynda. I look forward to my follow up with her soon"
- Kim Teeple, FL (2019)

"I LOVED my reading!... I highly recommend this natural talent."
- Lisa Massie, MA (2019)

"Melynda was dead on with all my concerns with my reading. highly recommend her and her gift."
- Sheauna Corbeau, IN (2019)

"Melynda was SPOT ON she knew things that She wouldn’t have known otherwise. She lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and brought me a sense of peace I have been looking for. She touched my heart and I am so thankful to have had the reading. I suggest you definitely reach out and have a reading done, You will not be disappointed !"
- Erin Messier, MA (2019)


On: Reiki

"This was my first reiki experience and I didn't know exactly what to expect. It was very relaxing and the results lasted a few days like she said they would! I felt much more at peace, calm and a bit happier in general. Highly recommend her for both reiki and tarot readings!"
- Sara Felix, MA (2020)

"I had a reiki relaxation session today and it was amazing! I've never felt so relaxed in my life! The entire session, from the atmosphere, music, lighting, to the actual reiki session was so comfortable and peaceful! I'll definitely be coming back for more!"
- Jen Goulart, MA (2020)

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